A free tool that helps couples manage 

their money together


Personal finance for couples

For too long, couples have been left to fend for themselves financially. Zeta is here to change that.

This tool will help you:

build a plan to achieve your goals with your partner

discover how you're doing financially



learn the core tenets of personal finance

set goals as a couple and prioritize those that matter



Made for couples who:

are engaged and are looking to build short and medium-term goals 


recently moved 

in together and want to get a head start on their personal finances

are married and could use help building a plan to achieve their goals

Packed with common goals and action plans to get you moving towards your goals

Created by experts who have spent 10+ years providing guidance to young couples

Built to simplify your finances:

Focused on helping you discover your goals and chart milestones together

Delivered straight to your inbox to help you stay on track 

My significant other and I had had a few conversations about finances but we needed some help defining our goals and getting on the same page. Our Certified Financial Planner was instrumental in developing a plan for us and helping us create the habits to stick to it! We still check in with her every 6 months."

In this day and age, one of the biggest needs for couples is financial literacy. Zeta has been able to provide us with useful and interactive resources to help us properly understand how to work together on budgeting, savings, and goal tracking for our short term and long term goals."


Living together for 4+ years


As my partner and I got older, it became increasingly clear that we both needed to get serious about our finances, especially if we wanted a stable future together. 

Thanks to Zeta, we've been able to develop a budget, stick to it, and have saved enough to go on our first vacation together next year!"

Married for 3+ years



Living together for 1+ years

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